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       Child Protection Center of Ross County

               Serving Children of Ross and Surrounding Counties

Body Safety
What is Body Safety?         
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The Child Protection Center has developed an age appropriate presentation on personal safety to be given to elementary age children in K-3. It is presented in two 1/2 hour sessions. The first session is a puppet presentation and covers safety with both strangers and acquaintances, appropriate and inappropriate touching, assertive responses, and family and community support systems available. The second session is scheduled approximately 2-4 weeks afterwards, and is a follow up with coloring/activity booklets that reinforces the skills previously taught.
Is this a sex education class?

No! It is important to emphasize that this is not a sex education class and is not designed to instill fear into the children. It is designed to teach them the skills necessary to keep their own body safe.

Will it scare my child to talk about sexual abuse?

No! Teaching children about sexual abuse is as important as any other safety program. If presented in an age appropriate manner, It is no more of a threat than teaching that cars can be dangerous, and that there safety rules to protect them.

Will you be using explicit terms for the body parts?

No! Our program is a safety program. The private parts are described as the parts of the body covered by a bathing suit.

Who may I call with questing about the program?

The program is presented by a prevention specialist on staff at Child Protection Center and a caseworker from Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Center.

May I attend the program?

Yes! We encourage any parent wishing to attend the program with their child to feel free to do so. You may need to contact your child's teacher to make arrangements.

Is there a letter that is sent home to the parents about the program and how to keep their children safe?

Yes there is.  Click here to see.  


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