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       Child Protection Center of Ross County

               Serving Children of Ross and Surrounding Counties

Why is it important to teach Body Safety?
All children need correct, comprehensive information about their bodies and that they can say no to inappropriate touches so that they will be able to protect themselves should someone attempt to inappropriately touch them.

Research shows that approximately 1 in 3-4 girls and 1 in 6-7 boys will have been sexually abused before the age of 18. In addition, 1/3 of all sexual assaults reported to law enforcement agencies involve a victim  under the age of twelve.

Knowing these statistics, it is imperative that the community be pro-active in ways to reduce incidents of sexual abuse.           For more on Body Safety Click here >>>>

Families in Transition            Click here for a Families in Transition brochure/schedule
The Families in Transition class helps families who are going through divorce, separation and/or change of custody.  Children often believe that they caused the divorce and attempt to get parents back together.  Research shows that children adjust best when both parents co-operate and focus on the needs of the children. 

The class provides:
- Insight into how divorce, separation and/or change of custody affects children.
- Ways to keep the child from being placed in the middle of parental conflict.
- Changing communication skills for dealing with the other parent.
- Resources for the parents in assisting the children or themselves through the changes. 

All classes are offered on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 5PM to 8PM (no admittance if more than fifteen minutes late).  The cost is $20 (cash only) and each participant will receive a receipt and certificate upon completion of the course.  Pre-registration is required.  Call (740)779-7431 to pre-register for the class. 

Active Parenting Classes

Parenting is the most difficult job one can have.  Unlike appliances, children do not come with an owner's manual that tells a parent how to deal with behaviors, moods and daily stressors.  This class covers responsibility, discipline, communication, building courage and self esteem, and how to work together as a family.  This class is a 3 session class and is free.  Pre-registration is required.  Call (740) 779-7431 to pre-register for the class.

Stewards of Children
As a community, it is our responsibility to bring awareness about child sexual abuse and shift the responsibility from the child to the adult responsible for protecting the child.  For this, the Darkness to Light organization has developed the Stewards of Children program, which will be offered by the Child Protection Center.  The program not only focuses  on shifting the responsibility to the adult but also brings full consciousness and action for the protection of children from sexual abuse.  In addition to consciousness and awareness, we will teach reporting policies, mandated laws, and community resources.  Basically, the program teaches the nuts and bolts of protecting, preventing and responding to our children.  If you think you might be interested in this program being offered for you, volunteers or staff of your agency or program, please call us. 

For Additional Presentations Contact the office.


Participating Members:
Ross County Children’s Services, Adena Health System, Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Center, Ross County Prosecutors Office, Ross County Sheriff’s Department, Chillicothe Police Department and contracting physicians

Child Protection Center provides  services to the public and is funded by grants including United Way, Victims Of Crime Act and Children's Trust Fund.

Supported in part as a Community Benefit of Adena Health System