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       Child Protection Center of Ross County

               Serving Children of Ross and Surrounding Counties

Abuse Assessments
The extent of the services provided is better understood by describing a typical visit at the Child Protection Center. A comprehensive visit includes an interview with the child and caregiver and a physical examination. A child may be scheduled for only an interview or only a physical exam when that is appropriate.  A closed circuit TV is used during the interview with the child so that the team can observe the interview without distracting or influencing the child. The clinic's Child Abuse Specialist, a children's services investigator, a detective from the Ross County Sheriff's Department or Chillicothe Police Department, or a pediatrician may conduct the interview. Who will lead the interview is decided on a case-by-case basis. Each interviewer is highly trained and experienced.  During the interview, they will evaluate their developmental level, their ability to tell the difference between a truth and a lie and try to determine what happened to the child.

The physical exam consists of a complete head to toe examination. If the child has an ear infection or other medical problem, it may be detected at that time. The primary purpose of the examination is to evaluate the areas where physical or sexual abuse may have occurred. The physician utilizes a digital camera and a colposcope to document any evidence of abuse that may be found. The colposcope is a non-invasive way to significantly magnify the genital area to see if there are microscopic tears or other physical signs of abuse.

The child therapist is available at the visit to talk with the child and caretaker. We have found that the families were more likely to continue with therapy when they have met the therapist at the clinic. The therapist takes this opportunity to support the caretaker and let them know what feelings and behavior can be expected from the child and how they might cope in an effective manner. They can in turn make recommendations for continued therapy when necessary.


articipating Members: Ross County Children’s Services, Adena Health System, Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Center,  Ross County Prosecutors Office, Ross County Sheriff’s Department, Chillicothe Police Department and contracting physicians

Child Protection Center provides  services to the public and is funded by grants including United Way, Victims Of Crime Act and Children's Trust Fund

Supported in part as a Community Benefit of Adena Health System